Your Guide to Health Management


Hello world!! Hope you are doing fine and fit. Today I am going to talk about something which is a bit more generalized and vast. We are going to learn how to manage our health. I know I can’t possibly explain you every tips and trick here. But I am going to focus on 4 basics steps that you need to imply for a better healthy lifestyle.

First of all what is health? It is basically an indication that your body and mind both are healthy and you are comfortable & happy with the surroundings; basically about your life.

Now let’s move on to the ways by which we can achieve it.

Eat Healthy

Make healthy choices in food.

  • We should make sure that we are eating according to our caloric need.
  • And that can be calculated by BMI (body mass
  • Index) tools available online.
  • Then when eating make sure your food has more protein than fat. This would depend on the type of ingredients used in your food. Let’s say olive oil has less fat than canola oil.
  • Also eat 5 small meals 2 snack and one breakfast one lunch and one dinner,
  • Never skip a meal. As meal as well as it only slows down ur metabolism
  • Introduce multivitamin intake in your diet as we can’t take the daily requirement through the food we eat daily unless we are eating really healthy.

There’s no hard n fast rule that you cannot eat sweets or junk but we need to be careful with their amount. If we limit ourselves from anything we will end up like this on breakdown.


Play Healthy

Opt a healthy activity

  • Either playing indoors on Xbox or outdoors with any sport.
  • Exercising is a basic human necessity as it keeps the mind and body both relaxed so make sure you exercise 3-6 times per week.
  • When working out make sure you don’t just do cardio (i.e. heart racing exercises) but introduce weight lifting as it makes more muscle while cardio only burns muscle along with fat.
  • Stretching after workout relaxes muscle and help the healing process also yoga keeps the mind relax as well.
  • Workouts don’t have to be boring and indoors, you can make them fun by inviting a friend or family member, set goals and compete.


Work Healthy

Live in a healthy work environment

  • In office we often opt for snacks like chips, sugary biscuits and drinks. This is unhealthy as it adds unwanted sugar and carbs to our body. So instead of that go for biscuits with more bran or eat healthy snacks like green tea, roasted grams, popcorns, etc.
  • Don’t take office at home, even if u had a worst day your house don’t need to hear about it. What happens in office stays in office.
  • While working take small breaks and do something fun like play a small 5 minute game to keep your mind fresh or get up and go for a fresh walk
  • Meet everyone with smile and be nice to everyone apart from your differences.(Its so hard though.)
  • Learn to say NO, you don’t have to do everything and anything you are not comfortable doing unless its coming from someone you can’t say No to.


Socialize healthy

Keep healthy and happy people around you.

  • Cut out negative people as they also leave a negative impact on your personality.
  • And surround yourself with people you love or who loves you and you ll see the difference.


Last but not least, it’s all up to you to take care of yourself, nobody else is going to do that. So establish a healthy environment around you as this is a true guide for happiness.



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