ISLAMABAD: Life for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi has been at a standstill for the past one week due to the sit-in by the religious parties near Faizabad Interchange. Thoroughly exasperated by the situation, the citizens are urging Supreme Court of Pakistan to intervene in the matter.

The sit-in by Tehreek-i-Labaik Yah Rasool Allah Pakistan and Sunni Tehreek Pakistan aim to coerce the government into punishing those responsible for changing the wording of the oath regarding the finality of Prophethood. The government immediately fixed the ‘clerical error’ by passing another amendment, but the sentiments of the religious parties have not been soothed.

Most roads connecting Islamabad and Rawalpindi remain choked leaving motorists and commuters frustrated in long queues for hours. Also, the Metro Bus Service, which covers key areas of the twin cities and is used by around 120,000 people daily, has been partially suspended for security reasons to the inconvenience of commuters.

The residents complained about the use of roads by political and religious groups for rallies and said such processions caused immense misery. They also regretted the death of a child needing immediate medical attention after being stuck in traffic jams due to the current Faizabad sit-in.

Many of the citizens of Islamabad are urging Supreme Court chief justice to take a Suo Motu notice of the sit-in and road blockades.

The commuters complained that due to the partial suspension of Metro Bus Service, they had no option but to use either slow-moving minibuses or fast taxis to reach their respective destinations and that cabbies overcharged them.

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