Top 5 Binge Food


Hello World! Hope you are doing well and spreading wellness. Today, we will be learning about the food that you can eat as much as you want, anywhere you want and at any time you want. You’re sitting in front of T.V and Netflix just released 13 episodes at once, I know you feel screwed cause now you have to watch all the episodes altogether and what you do while binging on TV? You binge on snacks!!

My dear fellas!! First of all, let me tell you that eating in front of TV  so called “mindless eating” is so not wrong. I mean yeah, you end up eating lot more calories and yeah you feel guilty about those calories. But it just makes you feel good, relaxed and all that emotional drama piled up, its an escape from that too. So yeah! its totally OK. But what if I tell you, you can binge – eat while not gaining a pound yet losing weight? sounds good ? So lets get started, shall we?





Do you know pop corns were not invented but discovered. May be God, sent them from heaven cause he knew his generation would want something like this. One cup of air popped corns have only 31 calories while the microwaves ones have like 64 calories. That would make what 2.48 – 5.18 % of our daily caloric need if we wanna loose weight. (Tell me if you want me to do a blog post on how much calories you need if you want to loose weight) And it has like 0.1% fat which sounds awesome. So binge on guys but yeah do go light on flavoring them up with cheese and butter.

Roasted Grams

Also called “bhunay channay” are so good for us, you guys have no idea. 100 gms of roasted grams have 160 -300 cals and they are so rich in protein & fiber. They are good for losing that bulging fat from tummy. They can also be used as a post work out snack as you need exactly the same % of fat and protein in them, after a workout.

Non Fat Yogurt

If you are dairy friendly then my friend yogurt is your best friend in weight loss ride. You can also use berries and frozen bananas to sugar it up . Yogurt, if non fat, has only 55 calories and 3.4 g protein. I am emphasizing on protein a lot as proteins helps loosening up the fat. Protein burns fat and helps retain muscle. So always go for more % of protein in your food if you want to, you know, loose those inches.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  But do you know they are weight friendly as well. Apples are rich in fiber and fiber keeps the metabolism running. They are also good for you skin but hey that’s another topic, we  don’t want to get all the information in one day as I gotta keep this blog running.
So one medium size apple has like 4 gms of fiber and one med size apple has 95 calories.  So why not make it 3, chop them up and binge on!

Cucumber Water

For those of you who just wants to sip sip and not eat with TV  I want to ask how do you do that? I mean I wish I could be like you. But its not all very gloomy right when you sipping sugary drinks. We have found a solution for you too. All you need is sliced cucumber, one chilled water bottle, one lemon and Voila! your drink is readdayyy!!
This drink is your holy water to kill that food suckers in your system. It will get your metabolism running like crazy but don’t go hard on the drink as you don’t want to spend most of your day in the powder room ( I ‘m trying too hard, right?)
So these were my top favs binge food. Tell me if you liked or disliked them in the comment section. Share your top 5 binge foods. Ask me any thing about binge eating. And I go to exit now. Ciao!!
Have a healthy day,


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