It seems like forever I have had a chit chat with you guys. Pardon my MIA phase, was busy with so much on my plate. But now I am back with lots and lots of interesting topics which might help you guys in tremendous ways. I am going to open my show with universal diet plan since lots of you people were asking me to share what am I doing to keep the weight off a.k.a maintaining it. So, this plan is for the people who have achieved their ideal weight and now just wants to keep it off the edges. Reminder: Do not over do this diet plan, just use it like once a month as a detox week plan. So lets get started!!!!


Bran flakes/ milkshake + apple or 2 eggs (boiled/ scrambled) + tea + bran bread (2 slices) + Apple or oatmeal + tea + Apple or fruit salad + tea + 5 Almonds + 1 nut + yogurt


green tea + wheat biscuits or tea + Tuc (biscuit) or tea + black peas or tea +strawberries or tea + Apple


Egg sandwich with bran bread + salad or chicken kebab 2 with one roti + salad or mix veg or any veg with one roti + salad or one plate of pulses + one roti + salad or chicken tikka + salad or tuna sandwich+ salad


frozen yogurt with strawberries or any other fruit without sugar or green tea + wheat biscuits or tea + Tuc or tea + black peas or tea +strawberries or tea + Apple


anything without roti or rice or sugar. Protein like chicken Tikka or curry or BBQ or pulses or soup or subway salads without dressings or anything .

So this was just the diet plan what else you would need to keep those pounds away??

A healthy workout!!. Let me know if you want me to write about. Hit me in the comment sections.

Till then lots of love take care and stay healthy.!!!


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