DADU: Sindh Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah has said that Pakistan People’s Party would win next general election across country and it would form government. Party would steadfast to resolve all socio-economic problems of downtrodden class in country.

Addressing public gathering at Cadet College Jamshoro after inauguration of Sehwan-Jamshoro double track, Murad Ali Shah said that owing to increasing traffic on Sehwan-Jamshoro Road it was needed double track and government was making plan to do it. He said that as soon as he became CM Sindh he had tried to do so and now with cooperation of Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari it has been done this time.

CM said that in first phases it would be made double track 64 kilometers from Jamshoro to Majhand City and in second phase it would start after new tender and would be started in January 2018. He said that within three months it would be increased others routes of Sehwan. He said that very soon they would complete Jamshoro-Sehwan double track road.

He said that after completion of Jamshoro-Sehwan Road double track not only people of Jamshoro and others district of Sindh would get relief from it but from every corner of the country people could get smooth traveling benefit.

He said that work on Sehawn-Jamshoro double track would be of high quality and it would be historical road in Sindh.

CM Sindh said that he would try to do work like his father. He said that some schemes for Khohistan and others far-fung areas of Jamshoro Jamshoro district would also be launched including water, health, education and other small projects for inhabitants of far-flung areas of Jamshoro as they could get every kind of basic facilities.

He said that like Sehwan-Jamshoro double track road, work on flyover in Jamshoro Phatak was continued to reduce traffic problems in city. CM Sindh also promised that if there would be need to built flyover in city he would announce for building.

Member National Assembly, Malik Asad Sikandr, Special Assistant to CM Sindh, Dr Sikandar Ali Shoro, PPP leader Faqeer Dad Khoso, Commissioner Hyderabad, Saeed Ahmed Mangejo, Sindh University Vice Chancellor, Fateh Muhammad Burfath, LUHMS varsity VC, Dr Begha Raam and other officials were accompanied with CM.

Published in Daily Times, December 13th 2017.

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