LAHORE: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Director General Noorul Amin Mengal has said the authority will take action against salt processors who will not meet the PFA food standards and ensure food fortification in salt after February 15, 2018.

This was decided in a meeting with office-bearers of different salt processors’ associations from across Punjab, held at the PFA Headquarters on Monday. Mengal said that the PFA teams would visit salt factories and prepare the list by pointing out unhygienic issues within 90 days, which would then be shared with companies for their reforms as per food standards set by the PFA. “We have given business adjustment time to all salt processors for fortification of salt.”

He said that the PFA was not enmity of food-related business people but “we are their friend and trying to bring them on the rights track by ensuring implementation of food rules and regulations”.

Mengal said the PFA had given a three-month ultimatum to salt processors for maintaining quality of their salt by using approved ingredients, minerals and iodine in manufacturing.

He said that 60 percent of the population was facing food insecurity in the country, while 60 percent of the population of Punjab was lacking different nutritional ingredients. “We can overcome nutritional deficiency by ensuring presence of iodine, minerals and other ingredients in salt.”

Published in Daily Times, November 14th 2017.


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