KARACH: Opposition members in the Sindh Assembly have decided to bring no confidence movement against Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza. The movement is to be brought in the wake of “uncooperative attitude and unpleasant behavior” on Shehla Raza’s part with regard to the opposition members in the assembly. During the assembly’s session on Monday, Shehla Raza allegedly demeaned Sabir Qaimakani, Nusrat Seher Abbasi and Seema Zia. Exchange of sarcastic remarks between Shehla Raza and Nusrat Abbasi further escalated the situation. The matter of bringing no confidence movement was called into consideration after the deputy speaker shut down the microphones of opposition members and did not let them speak. Leaders of the opposition parties said that Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza was “biased” towards the ruling party and told that they would submit their no confidence movement application against the deputy speaker today (Tuesday).

Published in Daily Times, November 14th 2017.

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