For the longest time, it seemed like every team in the NHL would have a dog except for the Capitals. That all changed in October when the Washington Capitals announced they had adopted Captain, a 10-week-old yellow lab.

Since then, this very very good doggo has become the apple of our eye. From dressing up in costumes to giving smooches to our favorite hockey players, Captain is a constant source of joy. He can even drive cars! Friday, he was given a very special honor by Always Late host Katie Nolan.

Captain, you guys, is the Sports Dog of the Year.

Popular ESPN personalities Katie Nolan and Mina Kimes made the selection on Always Late with the help of their audience.

“Just the best. Look at that little guy. Aw such a little baby,” Nolan said.

In his (very fake) acceptance speech (that I’m totally making up right now), Captain said he would like to personally thank all the dog biscuits that have made him grow so very, very big and all the head rubs and butt rubs he has received from Capitals players and fans alike. He added that life can be ruff, but if you spend time chasing your dreams (more dog biscuits) instead of your tail you can accomplish anything. Like growing 3 feet in 2 months.

Now let’s review all the good times for which there will be a lot more of in the future.

Photo: Cara Bahniuk

Headline photo: @AlwaysLateESPN

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